Sustainable Wood floors

We offer a design-rich Scandinavian style flooring with Bona coatings. You can choose freely from the "Bona Inspiration" series in a variety of colors and glosses to stimulate your playful spirit. Nordic style, rustic looks, elegant and sublime colors. You are sure to find a style that perfectly matches your ideals.

Wood Floors

White oak wood floors with beautiful grain are wide and single pieces. Sizes vary from 120 to 300 wide. We also have a wide selection of wood floors with excellent design other than oak, such as black walnut.


Bona Inspiration

Let the beautiful grain of the wood inspire you and choose from a variety of unique colors to create "The One!"

Sustainable Renovation and Maintenance

Sustainable floor renovation system was researched and developed by Bona, a company headquartered in Sweden, an SDGs advanced country. The floor surface is sanded by 0.5 to 0.8 mm to expose the bare floor surface, and then coated with Bona's environmentally friendly and health-conscious coating to make the floor look brand new again. In the process, no dust is generated from the polishing process, which has no effect on the human body. This is a renovation that is friendly to both people and the earth, and that makes a sustainable future possible.

About Bona

Founded in 1919 in Scandinavian Sweden as a company specializing in the wood floor business. With a mission to "Creating beautiful floors that brings happiness to people's lives", the company specializes in developing and providing solutions that maximize the appeal of floors throughout its lifetime.

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Bona Certified Craftman

We have passed our rigorous exams and are now a Bona Certified Contractor. As a certified expert, we are able to offer our clients all the floor renovations recommended by Bona.
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Our Challenges to achieve SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in 2015, have recently been attracting a lot of attention in Japan, and are a common goal for all nations of the world to work together to achieve, based on the shared understanding that the planet is unsustainable if nothing is done about it. Goldhurst is committed to contributing to the wellbeing of all people on earth, now and in the future, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.