Renovation and Maintenance System especially for Resilient Floors

Bona, a leader in wood flooring care and boasting the world's top market share in wood floor coatings, has utilized its accumulated knowledge and technology to research and develop a new system. This is the Bona Resilient System.

Resilient means strong and elastic. In other words, it is a completely new renovation and maintenance system for a wide range of elastic floors such as linoleum, PVC sheets, and P-tiles.

The Bona Resilient System revives damaged elastic flooring by polishing and repainting it in the same way as wood flooring, making it look new again as if it had been replaced. Renovating these floors instead of replacing them is not only cost-effective, but also energy-efficient, CO2 emission-reducing, and waste-free, making it a sustainable renovation in every respect.

The Bona Resilient System is a revolutionary and sustainable renovation that has never been seen before.

Targeted For

  • Linoleum​
  • PVC tyles/Sheets
  • Rubber floors/tyles



Eco-Friendly Way of Renovating Floors

Reducing the CO2 Emittion by 90%

Renovation of resilient floors emits 1.14 kg of carbon dioxide per square meter from an environmental standpoint. Compared to an average of 11.42 kg for the replacement of a new floor, the carbon footprint of renovation is less than one-tenth. The assessment includes all goods used, electricity, supplies, waste disposal, and transportation.

90% Saving Energy

Resilient floors that are severely damaged or worn have traditionally had to be replaced. However, with the latest methods, resilient floors can be completely restored to their original beauty and their lifespan can be significantly extended. And this also saves energy by more than 90% compared to the traditional way of replacing floors.

Healthier Floors

Renovated floors are healthier. Renovation ensures the elimination of bacteria and microorganisms hiding in joints, scratches, and other hard-to-reach areas. Tests have confirmed that the use of Bona Deep Clean and Bona Pure can create a smooth LVT surface without joints, ensuring a hygienic floor in accordance with the regulations of the Technical Regulations for Biological Agents (TRBA).