Bona Recoat

Longer Life for your Wood Floors

If you find it difficult to remove stains that have soaked into the floor, or if fine scratches caused by walking are becoming noticeable,
Bona Recoat System will restore the beauty of the wood floors to the way it was when it was newly built.
In most cases, a one-day installation is sufficient to restore the beauty of the floor without a full renovation.
For stores, the work can be completed overnight during the holidays.

Polish the floor surface with Bona diamond discs to remove fine scratches caused by walking, etc., and apply a top coat of Bona Traffic HD.
The new coat adheres firmly to the existing coating and forms a durable new protective film.

The floor is restored to its original beauty in just one day, and the new protective film further extends the life of the floor.

The work procedure is shown in the video below.