Bona Renovation

Damaged wood floors will be restored to look like new!

When wood floors are severely damaged, with color peeling or deep scratches that reach the wood's natural surface, it is nearing the end of its life.
The Bona Renovation System completely renews such damaged wood floors without replacing them.
Besides, you can freely choose the color and gloss to create the floor of your choice.

The Bona sanding machine for dust-free sanding and the high-performance Bona polishing paper sand the wood to the bare wood, removing all old paint film along with deep scratches.
The Bona dust-free sanding system is safe for the health of the operator as well as the risk of polluting the environment because the fine wood polishing dust generated during sanding does not fly into the air.

Each Bona finish will recoat floors that have been polished to the bare wood. You can choose to finish the floor in a different color, create a unique floor for design, or change the gloss.